Why hitting performance plateaus in your sport is NOT Your Fault …

And How Performance Ground is Helping People Get the performance edge They TRULY Deserve 

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"There's nowhere else in London with the combination of fantastic strength kit and coaching that also has a wide range of opening hours to fit my schedule.  

This allows me to balance a fairly hectic office job in the city and personal life with my love for competing in strength sports really well."



Let me tell you a story …

Lynn is a roller derby athlete and suffered from a serious leg injury. This was the third time she had fractured her leg. As an athlete, she was determined to get back to full fitness as quickly as possible. She had completed the required physiotherapy but still lacked confidence and control in her damaged leg. She wanted to get back into competing and represent England in the World Cup but didn’t know how and was frustrated with the lack of results.  

Ready to throw in the towel, and resign herself to a life of never competing again in roller derby that’s when Lynn heard about Performance Ground and our 6 Week Kickstart Program.  

At first, she wasn’t convinced.  

Having tried training by herself in crowded commercial gyms without the guidance of an expert coach before and spent in excess of £1,000, she was skeptical.  

And she was right to be cautious. After all, there are a lot of charlatans out there in the fitness industry, promising the world, and delivering very little.  

So I sat down with Lynn and showed her some of the results our other clients had been getting:

“How Melanie went from suffering from a hamstring tear to receiving a bronze medal in BJJ fighting in the category above her weight class in less than 2 months.”

“How Ed went from not being able to complete basic movement patterns to training for maximum strength and improving his endurance in Cricket in less than 6 months.”

“How Stephen went from struggling with his flexibility and performing basic strength exercises to performing weighted overhead squats and getting stronger for soccer in less than 6 months.”

These people ALL got their result in 6 weeks. Lynn for example, with progressive training and a lot of consistent hard work, is now stronger than ever and fully confident in her abilities as she heads out to Philadelphia to represent England in the Roller Derby World Cup. Lynn, is one of the hardest working individuals we have ever worked with and she also holds multiple records on our leader board.  

And ALL by following a method that allowed them to strengthen any weak links in their skill set and direct them towards becoming unstoppable athletes dominating in their sport.  

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We Get Our Clients Results!

Improved performance

Name: Lynn Huynn

Lynn is stronger than ever and fully confident in her abilities as she heads out to Philadelphia to represent England in the Roller Derby World Cup.

Strength, power and agility through the roof!

Name: Joe O'Shea

Joe is moving like an athlete, his strength has gone through the roof and his power output on the bike has improved drastically. 

Better Flexibility = Better Movement

Name: James Duffen

James has made some great improvements in his ankle, knee and hip stability as well as making hugimprovements in his flexibility and mobility.

Hitting Personal Bests!

Name: Darruel Sewell

Darreul has been consistent with his training since day one. This has shown through his progression and during recent performance assessments he lifted some huge personal bests and made the top of our leader board on several jumping and speed tests.

Faster, fitter...and Training Less?!

"I am now consistently beating my previous personal bests during short and middle distance runs. Training with Performance Ground has made me a smarter and more efficient runner. I am now speeding up towards the end of my races rather than being overtaken!"  

- Ioannis Monios

Sports Performance has Improved

‘‘Ability to squat, deadlift, RDL and a number of different exercises have shown huge improvement!" 

- Stephen Fitzsimons

Meet Your Coaches

I guess it’s time I introduced myself and the team behind the 6 Week Kickstart  

Performance Ground is the first athlete centred high performance training gym in London and for anyone with a competitive edge, a love for sport and a passion for performance, this really is the place to super-charge your inner Champion. The facility’s strength and conditioning coaches focus on high performance athletic training for both top level athletes as well as the general public.  

This athletes’ haven is my brainchild. I’m a volleyball player and entrepreneur who had one goal, to create London’s very best high-performance training facility for not only top athletes but for all Londoners’ inner athlete. 

At the young age of 21, I suffered from a knee injury forcing me to quit what I loved, playing volleyball. A devastating experience as it was, resulted in quitting training all together, becoming unconditioned and gaining weight. Two years later, I decided that enough was enough and as a performance driven individual started training on the gym floor to get conditioned again and return to volleyball. I successfully managed to play volleyball again competitively in the Super8s division in the UK and Greece. 

Following my journey, Performance Ground was born on a mission to empower athletes of all levels to unlock their body’s best performance! 

What Results Should You Expect?

By week 2, most of our clients learn to move better. This starts from the warm up. They feel their range of motion has increased and can perform movements they couldn’t perform before. They think they can notice physical changes, but they aren’t 100%. 


By the time week 4’s done, most have started lifting with better form, and KNOW they feel different. They’ve noticed they lift more weight in a safe manner, and they actually think they are stronger athletes.  

Once we’re at the end of week 5, speed and power work kicks in. They’re now comfortable to turn that strength into power and use it in a more athletic context.  

And when the program is done and dusted by week 6, our clients have become stronger, more robust, jump higher and run faster. Plus, our clients tell us how much more confident with their sports performance they feel.  

What Actual Clients Have to Say!

Jonathan, who went from reconstructing his shoulder to winning gold at the England Athletics Senior Champs for the first time in less than 12 months.



The Only Question Left to Ask is - “What’s Stopping You?”

6 Week Kickstart is open to any man/woman who wants to kickstart transforming their sports performance.  

But there IS a catch.  

That catch is that you need to be motivated, we don’t want people who can’t help themselves. We are only interested in people who are willing to put the effort in. You need to actually believe you can achieve results like these. You also need to be willing to give up just 2 hours per week and able to travel to Holborn twice a week. It is only individuals who value results and are willing to educate themselves that are a good fit for this program. If you are just looking for another quick fix then, this is not for you.  

If that sounds like you, and you want to achieve results like you’ve seen on this page, here’s what you need to do  

Once you click that button, you’ll be taken to a short application form where I can find out a little more about you, where you’re at, your goals, and your challenges. After that, you’ll book a call at a time that suits you, and we’ll hop on the phone for 10-20 minutes and talk about you coming on board as a 6 Week Kickstart member.  

Note: This is NOT a ‘sales’ call.  

There’s no pushy salesmanship or hard closing. It’s just an opportunity for you to find out more about the program, and for us both to see if you’re a good fit.  

Right now, you have 2 options:  

Option 1 is to take everything you’ve seen on this page and do nothing. Go back to trying generic fitness classes, training with an underqualified personal trainer (again), keep struggling for motivation and consistency, and getting annoyed and frustrated when you hit a plateau.  

Chances are, you’ll be back here in 3 months, wishing you’d acted sooner, and regretting the fact that had you taken action initially, you’d already have those results you wanted.  

Or Option 2 is to book a call, and see if we can help.  

Who knows, this could be the first step to you achieving the sports performance transformation you’ve been longing for. 


I’ve done my best to answer a few of them below cont here:

What’s the cost of the program?  

Not only is the cost cheaper than training with a personal trainer while you still receive the same benefits of a bespoke service but you also train with a strength and conditioning coach educated to a university degree level rather than a 6 week qualified personal trainer. We can discuss this further on the call.  

How long do I need to spare each week?  

You need to spare 2 hours a week so 1 hour per session. If you are not available for the whole of the 6 week period, you can train more than twice a week and use all 12 sessions.  

I have an injury. Can I still participate?  

Yes, the coaches will design a program around your injury and will be there to help in your sessions.  

Is this online or in a gym?  

It is in our gym Performance Ground in Holborn at 23 Kingsway, WC2B 6UJ.  

Am I tied into a contract?  

If you're not satisfied at the end of your program, we'll refund 100% of your order.